Waffle Truck Hire in Northern Ireland: Why Filmmakers Choose Born & Raised Waffles

Liam Neeson with Born and Raised waffles owner Michael Henderson

Picture this: a vibrant film set in Northern Ireland, the camera pans to a charming food truck bustling with actors and crew members indulging in delicious waffles. This isn’t just any food truck, but Born & Raised Waffles, a favourite among filmmakers for its visual appeal and mouth-watering offerings.

Authenticity and Atmosphere: Experience the essence of Northern Ireland with Born & Raised Waffles. From its custom design and locally sourced ingredients to the passion of its operators, this truck adds a layer of authenticity and charm to any film scene.

Versatility on Set: Ideal for any film genre, Born & Raised Waffles offers a versatile backdrop, whether enhancing a period drama or showcasing local flair in contemporary films.

A Feast for the Senses: More than just visual props, our waffles are culinary masterpieces that add a sensory depth to your film set, making breaks delightful with the aroma of freshly baked waffles.

Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring Born & Raised Waffles:

  1. Plan Ahead: Book early to secure the food truck for your shoot dates.
  2. Share Your Vision: Discuss how the truck can best serve your film’s needs, whether featured in the background or as a catering solution.
  3. Logistics Coordination: Arrange the placement and timing of the truck on set for seamless integration.
  4. Enjoy the Benefits: Boost morale and energy on set with exceptional, quality snacks from our truck.

Why Choose Born & Raised Waffles? Choosing Born & Raised Waffles means more than just great food; it’s about enriching your film’s narrative with a slice of Northern Ireland’s catering excellence. Let us boost morale at your production set with a feature that’s as tasty as it is memorable.


  • Cost of Hiring: Contact us for a customized quote based on your specific needs.
  • Capability to Serve Large Crews: Yes, we can cater to large groups, ensuring all crew members enjoy our delicious offerings.

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Born & Raised Waffles: Adding a Delectable Touch to Film Shoots in Northern Ireland

Liam Neeson with Born and Raised waffles owner Michael Henderson

When it comes to commercial film shoots in Northern Ireland, Born & Raised Waffles is the perfect choice for adding a delectable touch to the production. Their food truck offers mouth watering waffles made from scratch using locally sourced ingredients. The unique culinary experience provided by Born & Raised Waffles complements the stunning landscapes and rich history of Northern Ireland, making it an ideal destination for filmmakers. From breath taking natural scenery to historical landmarks, Northern Ireland offers a versatile backdrop for commercial film shoots. Consider hiring Born & Raised Waffles for their delightful waffles during your next film shoot in Belfast.

Why Choose Born & Raised Waffles for Your Film Shoot?

  • Delicious Waffles: Born & Raised Waffles specializes in crafting scrumptious waffles using fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Their menu includes a variety of enticing flavours and toppings that are sure to satisfy the taste buds of your cast and crew.
  • Mobile Food Truck: The convenience of a mobile food truck allows Born & Raised Waffles to cater to your film shoot in any location. Whether you’re filming in the heart of Belfast or exploring the picturesque landscapes of Northern Ireland, their food truck can be easily transported to serve your team.
  • Authentic Culinary Experience: Born & Raised Waffles takes pride in providing an authentic culinary experience that showcases the flavours and traditions of Northern Ireland. By incorporating local ingredients and techniques, they contribute to the overall cultural immersion of your film production.

“The delicious waffles provided by Born & Raised Waffles added an extra layer of enjoyment to our film shoot in Northern Ireland. The cast and crew couldn’t get enough of the mouth watering flavours and unique toppings. It truly elevated the overall experience.”

Enhance your film shoot in Belfast with the delightful waffles from Born & Raised Waffles. Their dedication to crafting delicious treats and immersing your team in the culinary traditions of Northern Ireland will undoubtedly make your production memorable. Capture stunning scenes against the backdrop of this enchanting region while savouring the mouth watering flavours of authentic waffles. Contact Born & Raised Waffles today to discuss catering options for your upcoming film shoot.

Benefits of Born & Raised Waffles for Film Shoots
Delicious, freshly made to order waffles
Convenient mobile food truck
Authentic culinary experience

Northern Ireland: A Captivating Destination for Commercial Film Shoots

With its stunning landscapes, rich history, and supportive film industry, Northern Ireland offers a captivating destination for commercial film shoots. The region’s diverse and breath taking settings provide the perfect backdrop to bring any script to life. From the rugged coastline of the Causeway Coastal Route to the ancient castles and historic landmarks, filmmakers have a wealth of options to create visually striking scenes that will captivate audiences.

Not only does Northern Ireland offer stunning natural beauty, but it also boasts a supportive and thriving film industry. The region provides competitive tax incentives and has a well-developed infrastructure to facilitate hassle-free film productions of all sizes. Filmmakers can take advantage of the experienced local crews, production facilities, and post-production services available in Northern Ireland. With a range of support and resources at their disposal, filmmakers can bring their creative visions to fruition while enjoying the unique charm and hospitality of the region.

Whether you’re planning to shoot a commercial, TV series, or feature film, Northern Ireland offers a versatile and captivating destination. Its breath taking landscapes, rich history, and supportive film industry provide filmmakers with endless possibilities to create visually striking and compelling content. Experience the magic of Northern Ireland for your next commercial film shoot and immerse yourself in the beauty and inspiration the region has to offer.

In conclusion, mobile catering in Belfast offers a variety of options for  parties, corporate events, and outdoor gatherings. From gourmet burgers to fish and chips, there is something to suit every taste and occasion.

Born & Raised Waffles is an excellent choice for top-quality mobile catering in Belfast. Whether you’re looking for customised menus, convenient food trucks, or a delightful culinary experience, these catering companies will exceed your expectations.

Additionally, Northern Ireland provides a captivating backdrop for commercial film shoots, with its stunning landscapes, rich history, and supportive film industry. Consider Belfast for your next film shoot and enhance the production with delicious food from Born & Raised Waffles.


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