Born in Belgium and raised in Belfast, we make delicious handcrafted Belgian Liège waffles from our cleverly converted horse trailers.


What we bake?

What’s a Liège waffle? well it’s a richer, denser and sweeter waffle native to the street food of Belgium. They’re an adaptation of brioche bread dough, featuring chunks of pearl sugar which caramelize on the outside of the waffle when baked. Salivating yet? Try one for a true taste of Belgium here in Northern Ireland.

Why Liège waffles?

As avid bakers when we started Born & Raised, we weren’t exactly sure which product we should focus on, pastries maybe? Cakes possibly? No all of these had been done before in Northern Ireland and we wanted to be unique.

After a large amount of product research and testing many delightful baked goods we decided our focus would be sweet waffles. We first tested the idea of waffles on a cheap store-bought waffle maker but now it was time to go all in on the idea and buy our first proper waffle iron. We spent hours researching waffle recipes, reading books on waffles, watching videos on Youtube and most importantly making and eating mountains of waffles…  Our neighbours were more than happy to help out with this chore!

What’s so different about our waffles?

We have a rule here at Born & Raised – If it isn’t perfection, we won’t serve it! This is why all our waffles are made from fresh homemade dough, we refuse to use bought in mixes just because it is convenient! This passion allows us to create authentic Liège waffles from a rich dough similar to brioche, using only the finest ingredients like real butter and pearl sugar imported straight from Belgium. Developing our recipe and product offerings is a key aspect in our business and we often travel to Brussels and Bruges for training and the really difficult job of sampling Belgium’s very best Liège waffles.

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