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Meet Michael, the Waffleman: From Welder to Waffleman

Hello! I’m Michael, affectionately known as the Waffleman. Initially a skilled welder fabricator, I decided in 2007 to leave my job and embark on a new venture — one that allowed me to spend more time with my family and indulge in my newfound passion: baking. My journey from metal worker to mixers wasn’t immediate; it involved rest, discovery, and the realization that I could turn my passion for baking into a thriving business. Today, we operate from our cozy home bakery in Northern Ireland, creating irresistible baked goods that delight our customers.

Born & Raised Waffles: From Local Events to Film Sets

Our venture, Born & Raised Waffles, began with serving hot, deliciously topped waffles from our uniquely converted horse trailer. We’ve catered to a wide range of events across both Northern Ireland and Ireland—from bustling film shoots in Belfast to heartfelt staff appreciation days in Dublin. Our travels across the island have not only spread joy but also allowed us to connect with an amazing community.

A Home-Based Business Built on Passion and Gratitude

Doing what I love and keeping the heart of the business at home has been incredibly fulfilling. We are profoundly thankful for our customers who have supported us through thick and thin—your loyalty and encouragement have been the key ingredients to our success. You are truly the best bunch of wafflers out there!

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