Waffle Truck Hire in Northern Ireland: Why Filmmakers Choose Born & Raised Waffles

Liam Neeson with Born and Raised waffles owner Michael Henderson

Picture this: a vibrant film set in Northern Ireland, the camera pans to a charming food truck bustling with actors and crew members indulging in delicious waffles. This isn’t just any food truck, but Born & Raised Waffles, a favourite among filmmakers for its visual appeal and mouth-watering offerings.

Authenticity and Atmosphere: Experience the essence of Northern Ireland with Born & Raised Waffles. From its custom design and locally sourced ingredients to the passion of its operators, this truck adds a layer of authenticity and charm to any film scene.

Versatility on Set: Ideal for any film genre, Born & Raised Waffles offers a versatile backdrop, whether enhancing a period drama or showcasing local flair in contemporary films.

A Feast for the Senses: More than just visual props, our waffles are culinary masterpieces that add a sensory depth to your film set, making breaks delightful with the aroma of freshly baked waffles.

Step-by-Step Guide to Hiring Born & Raised Waffles:

  1. Plan Ahead: Book early to secure the food truck for your shoot dates.
  2. Share Your Vision: Discuss how the truck can best serve your film’s needs, whether featured in the background or as a catering solution.
  3. Logistics Coordination: Arrange the placement and timing of the truck on set for seamless integration.
  4. Enjoy the Benefits: Boost morale and energy on set with exceptional, quality snacks from our truck.

Why Choose Born & Raised Waffles? Choosing Born & Raised Waffles means more than just great food; it’s about enriching your film’s narrative with a slice of Northern Ireland’s catering excellence. Let us boost morale at your production set with a feature that’s as tasty as it is memorable.


  • Cost of Hiring: Contact us for a customized quote based on your specific needs.
  • Capability to Serve Large Crews: Yes, we can cater to large groups, ensuring all crew members enjoy our delicious offerings.

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Catering at Blue Lights Season 2 Shoot

Film shoot BelfastBlue Lights Cast Member Calls Born & Raised Waffles

Recently, Born & Raised Waffles received an exciting phone call inquiry about our waffle truck’s availability for a film shoot treat. Engaging in a delightful conversation, I may have rambled a bit (blame it on my enthusiasm!). After our chat, I extended the invitation to confirm the booking through our website, www.bornandraisedwaffles.com.

To my pleasant surprise, a confirmation email swiftly arrived, and as I scanned the name, Siân Brooke, a familiar ring resonated in my mind. A swift online search revealed that Siân portrays Grace in my beloved television series, Blue Lights, made by Two Cities TV.

Blue Lights

Set against the backdrop of Belfast, the gripping drama ‘Blue Lights‘ follows the journey of new police recruits—Grace, Annie, and Tommy—as they navigate the complexities of a high-pressure environment. Grace, a former social worker, transitions careers in her forties, while Annie faces the challenge of leaving her past behind. Meanwhile, Tommy grapples with the demands of frontline duty. Together, they confront divided communities, criminal networks, and wrestle with questions of trust, all while pondering their choice to join the PSNI.

Siân and her dedicated colleagues from Two Cites TV were nearing the end of Season 2 filming for Blue Lights, extending gratitude to the tireless crew for their dedication.

Waffle Treats

On the memorable date of Friday, November 24th, 2023, my daughter Anna and I arrived on the bustling set in Belfast. Guided by a helpful team member from the locations department, we swiftly parked our waffle truck in the designated spot.

As the aroma of caramelized sugar wafted from our Liége Waffles, the cast and crew began to take notice. Word swiftly spread that ‘The Waffleman’ had arrived on site, and soon, a steady stream of eager individuals flocked to savour our delicious treats.

Inquisitive by nature, I often inquire about the roles of those on set (perhaps a tad nosy, but it sparks interesting conversations!). Meeting one gentleman, I curiously asked, “What do you do here?” His humble response, “Oh, I’m the writer,” came from none other than Declan Lawn, the talented individual behind the series I deeply admire.

Shortly after, Siân, embodying her character Grace, accompanied by Martin McCann, who portrays Steve in Blue Lights, approached us. Both expressed their enthusiasm to support and promote my business, eagerly jumping into the waffle truck (Martin, especially excited about the prospect of indulging in our delicious waffles—understandably so!).

In an unexpected yet delightful moment, Katherine Devlin & Nathan Braniff squeezed into our converted horse trailer, fully adorned in police riot gear. Maneuvering through the trailer’s door (which, mind you, is quite petite!), they may have momentarily anticipated a barrage of waffles in their direction (well, who wouldn’t?).

Catering at film shoots is always bustling, and this day was no exception. Amidst the whirlwind, the actors, writers, producers, and crew graciously took a moment to connect and extend greetings—a gesture not always common in the industry.

I express heartfelt gratitude to Siân Brooke for personally arranging our presence; her warmth and kindness extend to the entire team.

The anticipation builds as I eagerly await the release of Season 2 of Blue Lights—a series that not only captivates audiences but also brings forth genuine connections and delightful moments like these. Here’s to more waffle-filled adventures and memorable encounters!

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