Fluffy Pancakes

Homemade pancakes are a fun and easy option for breakfast or lunch. Try this deliciously fluffy version you can pop in a pan or waffle up if you have an iron (who doesn’t want sauce traps?!). We love them covered in cinnamon sugar and honey!

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Speculoos Snowballs

You can’t beat a 15. Except when you fancy up your recipe with the essence of Christmas and make a Snowball tower! Forget Ferrero Rocher. This showstopper will have your friends and family drooling…and talking about your impressive baking skills (shhhh! no-one needs to know it’s a no-bake that takes 10 minutes to whip together! You’re welcome xx).

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Cinnamon Flakemeal Biscuits

Most of us in Northern Ireland grew up on a good flakemeal biscuit…mmmm sweet & wholesome (at least it feels it!). Whether you’re after that comforting nostalgia or a new bake, give this a go! We’ve added a twist with some cinnamon sugar on top for festive fragrance, or go extra moreish and half dip them in chocolate!

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Apple Cake

My granny taught me to make apple crumble when I was a child. It’s been one of my favourite comfort foods ever since & her recipe still graces our table. I had never ventured to bake apple cake until recently. Boy I’m glad I did! This is delicious & quick to throw together. We’ve always accompanied apple bakes with custard but drizzled with the waffleman’s Sticky Toffee Sauce & topped with vanilla ice-cream this is a whole other level of deliciousness! Enjoy, The Waffle-wife x

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